How to Assemble Cubicle Walls

Carl Pruit

In the world of modular office buildings and ever-changing company structures, the designs of office walls have been revamped to fit these new trends. With more businesses demanding the flexibility to change their office space layouts, several office furniture companies such as Steelcase and Hayworth have revamped their strategies to become specialists in designing temporary cubicle walls that can be changed anytime the needs of a business changes.

  1. Slide the two Steelcase office panel walls together end to end where you want the panels positioned, leaving a half-inch gap between the panels. Slide a panel connector into the top of both panels, inserting the connector into the slots on the side of each panel.

  2. Slide panel connector down entire length of panels until it is flush with the top of the office panel. Place panel caps on top of panels by lining cap even with top and snapping onto the clips in the top of the panel.

  3. Adjust panel levels with a crescent wrench by turning the nut above the panel feet. Adjust up or down depending on whether panel needs to be raised or lowered. Place measuring level on top of panel to verify it is level with floor.

  4. Secure footer panel on base of panel and move on top of the next panel. Continue this pattern until you have assembled your office cubicle walls.