How to Install an outside flood light

Installing a flood light out side can be a bit time consuming but it is a project you can do in your spare time with a few simple steps.

Standard Flood Light
  1. Installing a flood light on the outside of a deck or garage can be done with a few simple steps. Ill explain how to install a flood light outside a garage. The first step is to mark out your location, it will more than likely be above the garage door so mark the spot and drill a hole approximately 1" wide with the paddle bit through the wall going into the garage. This will be the point where you will bring your wire into the floodlight itself.

  2. Locate a power source in your garage, this may be a light inside the garage. Take the romex wire and open up the sheathing to expose the wire. There will be 1 green 1 black and 1 green wire. Using a connector go into the existing box and wire the wires from your romex to the wires in the box according to colors. You may need bigger wire nuts to do this job inside the existing box. Wire these all together and put the cover or light back on. By now you should have just your romex wire sticking out of the box.

  3. Take this wire and run it on top of the rafters or the wall supporting it with zip ties to the hole which you have drilled. Take this wire and push it through the hole on the outside. Take the flood light and wire this up according to the wire marked. Some have photo cells and need to be wired according to the instructions included in the box. Set the light up against the wall and mark out the holes which will be supporting the light. Drill through with a 1/4 inch bit and when installing the floodlight use 3 inch long toggle bolts to support the light. This is basically how to install a flood light outside of a garage. There are other ways of doing this, ask and Ill tell you thanks Dave


  • Be careful of ladders and play it safe when drilling

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