How to Get Inexpensive Bathroom Vanity Cabinets

Shop scratch and dent sales, salvage shops or even yard sales to find a bathroom vanity on the cheap, or make your own by repurposing an old dresser.

Instead of purchasing a bathroom vanity at full retail price, shop around for scratch-and-dent sales, charity salvage stores or even a few yard sales.

Charity Salvage Shops

Nonprofit salvage shops such as the ReStore chain operated by Habitat for Humanity often have bathroom vanities and other cabinets that could be repurposed into vanities. Since much of what's sold at a ReStore has been donated, the offerings change on a continual basis. Vanities may be new or used but the price generally is less than full retail value. You may even be able to find a sink, towel racks and other furnishings for your bathroom remodeling project.

Scratch and Dent Sales

Visit cabinet retailers and home improvement stores to see their selections of floor models or slightly damaged bathroom vanities for sale. Slightly blemished vanities or barely outdated floor models may be available at a sizable discount. Even if you do not see any discounted offerings on the sales floor, ask a store representative if there have been any returns or slightly damaged pieces in storage that the company may be willing to sell.

Yard Sales and Individual Offerings

Peruse local online classified ads for yard sales, church sales and auctions, looking specifically for bathroom vanity cabinets; while these items are not among the most common things offered at such sales, they do show up from time to time. Localized sales sites that list items for sale by owner are likely to have at least a few used bathroom vanities for sale within driving distance.

Think Beyond the Bathroom Vanity

If you don't mind doing a little work, you'll cut remodeling costs by using other cabinets and furniture instead of buying a dedicated bathroom vanity. An old kitchen cabinet left on the curb after a neighbor's remodel can be turned into a vanity with slight modifications. Cut holes in a the back and top of a dresser for pipes and a sink, turning the piece into a functional vanity. When repurposing other items in the bathroom, make sure the top surface near the sink is water resistant to ensure the finish lasts.

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