How to Care for Wool Rugs

Wool rugs are resilient, easy to clean and care for, resistant to soil, and durable. Caring for wool rugs consists of regular sweeping and vacuuming, rotating, beating, and removing spots and stains. However, there are several things you should know about your wool rugs, such as what cleaning supplies are not safe to use.

Care for Wool Rugs
  1. Rotate wool rugs 180 degrees at least every six months to ensure even wear. For areas that receive very low foot traffic, the duration can be reduced to one 180 degree rotation per 1-2 years.

  2. Beat wool rugs outside in clear weather once per month, as necessary. Hang the rugs from a clothes line or other location where it is free to move. Beat with a rug beater several times on each side to remove deeply embedded dirt.

  3. Sweep wool rugs with a broom at least once per week to remove dirt and soil. Sweeping also enhances the natural sheen of the wool. Sweep just before you vacuum wool rugs to ensure the most dirt is removed.

  4. Vacuum wool rugs 2-3 times per week, at minimum, to remove dirt and excess fuzz that may accumulate on the rug's surface. This fuzz is normal for wool rugs, and is a result of the loosening of fibers that were created during weaving. Raise the height of the beater bar on your vacuum to the highest setting for best results.

  5. Steam clean wool rugs twice per year using only water. Detergents can leave a residue behind that can damage the wool. A steam cleaner can be rented from a local supermarket or home and garden store, or you can hire a professional carpet cleaning company to do the job.

  6. Blot up spills from wool rugs immediately using clean paper towels. Do not scrub, as this can cause the wool fibers to become matted. Instead, apply pressure using paper towels to absorb as much of the liquid as possible.

  7. Use dry carpet cleaning foam to remove spots and stains from wool rugs. Spray the carpet foam directly onto the affected area. Work it into the stain gently with your hands or a clean cloth, but avoid scrubbing. Allow the foam to dry completely, and then vacuum thoroughly to remove the excess foam and dirt.


  • Do not use oxygen based cleaners, harsh detergents, or carpet powders to clean wool rugs. All of these products may cause damage to the delicate fibers. Do not allow wool rugs to remain wet for long periods of time. Blot up water or spills quickly and make sure the rug stays thoroughly dry.

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