How to Restring Horizontal Blinds

While blinds may not be the most expensive fixture in your home, chances are that your frustration will rise at the prospect of having to invest in new ones when your old one doesn't work properly. Before you trek out to the local hardware store for a new horizontal blind, try restringing your old one to save a bit of pocket change for something you really need and want.


When you have the right tools, you can restring horizontal blinds at home.
  1. Inspect the cords to ensure that the ladder cords, the cords that form a type of box and hold the slats in place, are not broken. If they are intact, you may proceed with restringing the blinds.

  2. Measure the height of your window or blind and add an additional 12 inches to the measurement.

  3. Measure the window width and add an additional 12 inches to the measurement.

  4. Measure the length from the top of the blind to where you want the cord tassel to rest if you have a cord pull.

  5. Total the measurements and add an additional 3 feet to the overall measurement to determine the cord length you need. Cut the appropriate length of new cord.


  1. Pull the cord so the slats are tight against each other and against the blind's header.

  2. Remove the blind from the window.

  3. Remove the plugs that are underneath the bottom rail.

  4. Pull out the cord end by 3 to 4 inches, and cut the cord above the knot.

  5. Hold the ends of the old cord and the new cord together so they just touch, and fuse the pieces together by holding a lighter to the ends, essentially gluing them together with the heat from the lighter. Use caution in this step to avoid a fire.

  6. Work the sealed ends together between your thumb and forefinger to create a smooth junction that threads easily through the blind.

  7. Pull the tassel on the cord lock side gently to the left and this motion will pull the new cord through the holes, restringing the blinds.

  8. Tie a knot in the ends of the bottom rail when your cord reaches the appropriate length and cut the excess cord beneath the knot, making sure you don't snip the knot with your scissors. Replace the plugs.

  9. Replace the tassel and repeat the process for any additional cords. Remember to cut the replacement cords the length of your original measurement.

  10. Fit the blind back into its hardware brackets, lock it in place and release the cord to lower the blinds.


  • When fusing the cords together with a lighter, allow the cord to cool slightly before you smooth the connection with your fingers. Always be careful when using a lighter.
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