How to Remove Slats From Faux Wooden Blinds

You don't need to pay extra to order customize faux wooden blinds if length is the only issue. It's simple and quick to remove extra slats from the bottom for a custom fit. It's also easy to remove damaged slats and replace them with slats from the bottom of the blind.

Get a custom fit, or replace damaged slats by learning how to remove slats from faux wooden blinds.
  1. Lower the blinds completely. Make sure they are extended as far as they will go and that there is no tension left in the cord when they are at the bottom.

  2. Carefully remove the blinds from the window and lay them out on the floor or a long work table. If there is anyone available to assist you, it will make the process much easier. Have one person hold the top of the blinds while the other holds the bottom.

  3. Turn the bottom rail over and find the plastic plugs. Use a flat screwdriver or butter knife to gently pry out the plugs. Set the plugs aside.

  4. Pull the cords out through the holes in the bottom rail. Use tweezers if necessary to grasp and pull the cords.

  5. With plenty of cord length pulled through the bottom rail, cut off the knots at the bottom of the cords.

  6. Pull the cords back up through the bottom rail, up just past the slat or slats that you want to remove. Slide the faux wood slat or slats that you want to remove out of the ladder. Pull the cords back down through the remaining slats and into the bottom rail.

  7. Tie a knot in the bottom of the cords. If necessary, use tweezers to pull the cords back through the holes in the bottom rail.

  8. Stuff any extra cord length back into the bottom rail and replace the plastic plugs.


  • Don't let the cords or the ladders become twisted after the cords have been cut. It can be difficult to untwist or untangle them.