How to Replace the Door Switch on a Whirlpool Dryer

You put a load of clothes into the dryer and set the timer, but nothing happens. Chances are the door switch is bad. If you press the actuator level and the switch doesn't click, then you will need to replace the door switch on your Whirlpool dryer. This is a fairly simple process, and you should be able to do it yourself instead of having to wait on a repairman.

  1. Unplug the dryer from the wall outlet. If you like, you can also flip the switch in the fuse box to insure that there is no risk that your dryer is still connected.

  2. Remove the two screws that are under the lint filter. The lint filter will come out once the screws are removed.

  3. Remove the top of the dryer. Using a putty knife, get the top up by pushing in on the clips on each side of the dryer. Lift the top up and rest against the wall.

  4. Remove the old door switch. The door switch will be located to your right between the front panel and drum. It will also have two to three wires leading to it. Remove the two screws that is holding the switch assembly in place and lift out by the wires.

  5. Install the new switch. It will drop easily into place where the old one fit before. You should slide it in and reconnect the wires. Re-attach the two screws to the switch assembly so that the entire thing fits securely.

  6. Lower the top down onto the dryer so that the clips attach.

  7. Replace the lint filter with the two screws that were removed.

  8. Plug the dryer back into the wall outlet.


  • Be careful of electrical shock when unplugging the dryer from the wall outlet.
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