How to Reattach Plastic Bathroom Tile

Plastic bathroom tiles are an inexpensive alternative to their ceramic or porcelain counterparts. In fact in some cases one can't tell the difference just by looking at them. There are times, however, when these inexpensive tiles come loose or fall off. Reattaching them is simple with a few basic supplies.

How to Reattach Plastic Bathroom Tile

Use spacers to get even grout joints.
  1. Pry any loose or hanging pieces completely off the wall using a putty knife or the end of a screwdriver. Simply slip the end of the knife or screwdriver underneath the loose tile and pull toward you. Remove any hanging pieces of dried grout using the same method.

  2. Sand the area where you plan to reattach the tile, using a fine-gauge sandpaper. Wipe down any dust or debris created by the sanding process using a damp sponge.

  3. Reattaching bathroom tile is an easy do-it-yourself project.
  4. Remove any remaining grout or mortar from the backs of the tiles that will be reattached. Gently chisel off any large pieces with your putty knife or screwdriver, being careful not to damage the tile. It isn't necessary to sand the back of the tile.

  5. Mix mortar according to the package directions. Using a putty knife, apply a small amount to the area where the tile will be reattached. Draw the serrated trowel through the mortar slowly and evenly. This will create a series of lines in the mortar that will help the tile adhere to the wall.

  6. Place the plastic bathroom tiles in place and press firmly. Separate with plastic tile spacers. Allow the mortar to dry for an hour. Remove spacers carefully. If they don't pull out easily with your fingers, pry gently with your putty knife. Apply grout to the seams between tiles, wiping off any excess with a damp sponge.

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