How to Measure for Window Screens

Replacing your window screens is important when rips or tears occur. The metal on the edges of your screens may also bend or dent, letting bugs, bees or other insects inside your home. To measure your windows for new screens, either take the measurements to a screenmaker or buy a do-it-yourself kit.

  1. Look at the outside of your window. In the window, there are metal openings on each side and on top as well as bottom. The screen inserts into these holes. You will need a perfect measurement to purchase the correct size screen.

  2. Measure the length of the window from the outside. Place the measuring tape on the far side of the first metal piece. String the tape to the other side of the window to the second metal piece. Remember to measure to the far end of the piece. For example, from side to side may be 30 inches. Write down the length measurement.

  3. Use the measuring tape for the height of the window. Start at the very top of the metal piece. Then pull the tape down to the bottom. End at the base of the metal piece. For example, from top to bottom may be 35 inches. Again, write down the measurement.