How to Install Sliding Closet Door Guides

Sliding closet door guides are the tracks that are used to guide closet doors into the walls. Installing sliding closet door guides is a quick, simple job that is not going to take you more than a few minutes. Once you are finished, the sliding closet doors are a terrific, space saving addition to your room. Once you take a few measurements and buy your new sliding closet door kit, the rest of the job is as simple as installing a few screws.

  1. Measure the closet doorway and any old doors, if you are going to be replacing your current closet door system. This is just to make sure you get exactly the size door you need for your closet opening. When you are ready, purchase your new sliding closet doors, which will include the guides that you need.

  2. Remove the current door. Lift the doors out of the track. Some doors will be easier than others, but you should not need to remove any parts or use any extra tools to remove the doors.

  3. Take out the current guide track by unscrewing all the screws and removing the track from the top of the closet doorway.

  4. Check that the guide is the right size before beginning. If it is larger, you can shorten it by cutting the guide with a saw.

  5. Install the new guide by using the hardware provided to screw the guide along the top of the closet doorway. It is important that you screw the guide in tightly and make sure the screws are not sticking out too far, because they will prevent the door from sliding smoothly once you install it.

  6. Put the rollers on the top of your new doors.