How to Make Spring Pleated Draperies

Making spring pleated draperies is a simple, straightforward procedure, the special rod does all the pleating for you. The draperies hang in rounded folds in lieu of the standard type of French or pinch pleats. The spring pleated rods come in single and double styles. By using the double rod, you can decorate your windows with sheer curtains underneath and draperies made of a heavier weight fabric for the over-drapery. For this article a single self pleating rod will be featured.

Spring pleated draperies
    How to measure for draperies
  1. Estimate the yardage required for the curtains by doubling the width of your window. For example, if your window is 48 inches wide, double fullness would require 3 lengths of 36-inch fabric. For the length, determine the desired finished length of the curtains and add 8 inches for the hem and the rod pocket. Allow additional fabric if there is a pattern that must be matched. See the example to determine what the proper length the finished drapery will be.

  2. Split one width of the fabric in half lengthwise. Sew one of the half-widths of fabric to each of the full widths. The half widths of fabric will be on opposite sides of each of the full widths and will be to the outside of the window when installed. Press seams.

  3. Measure and fold hems of 1 1/2 inches on each long side of the drapery widths and press. Fold this hem again, press and pin. Sew these hems. At the bottom of each drapery fold a 3-inch hem and press. Fold again, press and pin. Stitch this hem, mitering the bottom corners. Hand stitch the mitered corners.

  4. Threading procedure
  5. At top of each drapery, fold a 1/2-inch hem and press. Fold again 1 1/2 inches, press and sew. This forms the rod pocket that will be threaded onto the spring rod. Press the completed draperies before installing on the rod.

  6. Installing threader to spring
  7. Hook the threader device to the end of the spring (pleater) and slide the drapery rod pocket onto the spring, distributing fullness evenly. Hide any seams by putting them to the back or sides of the spring device. After all the fabric is on the spring, remove the threader and install the spring onto the rod.

  8. Training drapery folds
  9. Install the rod on the window and hook the returns (back edges) of the drapery to the rod. Close the draperies and dress the folds to hang straight. If the fabric is stiff, a length of fabric can be tied around the draperies to train the folds. A fabric spray can also be used to dress the drapery into the folds. Do not crease.

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