How to Install Range Hood Ducts

Catherine Rayburn-Trobaug

A vented range hood can be an asset to any kitchen by drawing away heat, smoke, grease and steam. It can make cooking more comfortable and cleanup easier. Installing a vented hood is a project that most homeowners can accomplish over a weekend, and it makes a great do-it-yourself project that can save money while adding a positive feature in your kitchen. Installing the ducts is a simple process if you use the right equipment and follow a few basic steps.

Venting Through the Wall

  1. Vent through a wall, if possible, if you have a floor above the kitchen or a metal, tile or flat roof. You'll have two types of ducts: the rectangular duct work that attaches to the hood and a round duct that is vented through the roof. Your stove must be on an outside wall for this option.

  2. Hold the duct up to where it will be installed and mark the area on the wall to be cut.

  3. Drill the corners of the rectangular mark and drill the four corners. Cut with a reciprocating saw.

  4. Drill the four corners of the rectangle from the inside through the outside wall.

  5. Cut the hole from the outside of the house. If your house is brick or stone, you will have to use special tools or call a professional to make this cut.

  6. Install the hood in the kitchen according to manufacturer's instructions.

  7. Trim the duct to the proper length for the best fit through the wall. Carefully fit the ducting to the vent cap and run the vent through the wall. Screw the vent cap to the outside wall.

  8. Seal the vent cap with caulk.

  9. Finish installing the hood, following the directions that came with the unit.

Venting Through the Roof

  1. Mark the punch-outs for the vent and electrical wires while holding the hood up against the cabinet.

  2. Drill holes in corners of the marked area for the vent and then use a reciprocating saw to cut out the hole.

  3. Repeat this process to cut through the top of the cabinet and ceiling.

  4. Mark around the metal ducting on the attic side of the roof. Drill a hole and cut the hole with the reciprocating saw.

  5. Run the round duct through the roof, sealing all joints with the metal foil tape.

  6. Connect the rectangular duct from the hood to the the adapter with metal foil tape. Repeat with the round duct.

  7. Secure the duct to a beam or post with the metal tape.

  8. Install the flashing over the duct on the outside of the roof and secure with roofing tar.

  9. Seal around the flashing and the duct with more roofing tar.

  10. Finish installing the hood following the manufacturer's directions.