How to Remove a Double Hung Andersen Window

Windows of different types can be installed in a house and may need to be removed if they are old or no longer energy efficient. One type of window that has been used in the construction of various types of houses is an double-hung Anderson window. An Anderson window can either be a new construction window or a replacement window. You can remove a double-hung Anderson window by following a few steps.

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  1. Use a pry bar to remove the interior trim surrounding the window. Use a utility knife to score around the trim to prevent any paint from coming off when the trim is removed. Start at one side and move along the length of the trim to pop it off of the wall.

  2. Remove the exterior trim surrounding the window. The outside trim can be attached to siding or any other type of exterior wall covering. Use a hammer to force the pry bar under the trim and then pull it off of the wall.

  3. Remove the siding that is covering the window. Siding can be vinyl as well as wood paneling. Use a zip tool to remove vinyl siding by unlocking the bottom panel to access the nailing flange. Pull out the nails using a hammer or the pry bar.

  4. Remove the screws or nails around the edges of the frame. Use a drill to remove any screws that are present. You can use a pry bar or hammer to remove the nails or a Sawzall to cut them.

  5. Remove the window from the wall. Have one person on the inside push on the window while another on the outside to help guide it out.

  6. Clean the window opening by scraping off any old putty. Clean the opening and remove any nails or screws protruding from the wall.


  • Metal and other debris can fly around while you use a sawzall, so wear proper eye protection.
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