How to Build an Art Desk

Michelle Powell-Smith

An art desk or craft table should provide a large, easy-to-clean surface suitable for all sorts of artwork. You may want space for a computer on your art desk, as well as plenty of storage for supplies. This art desk relies on several purchased components and can be easily assembled with only basic do-it-yourself skills. The same craft desk can work for painting, sketching, jewelry-making or crafts of all sorts.

How to Build an Art Desk

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  1. Decide on the overall dimensions for your table. An art table can be as large as you comfortably have room for; however, do allow for vertical supports at least every 52 inches. If you want the top to your art table to be more than 72 inches, consider adding an additional set of cabinets as a center support.

  2. Purchase and assemble 4 kitchen cabinets. Choose cabinets based upon your art and craft storage needs (cabinets with drawers or shelves are widely available). Arrange them to make sure that the storage is accessible.

  3. Attach narrow wood supports along each edge of the MDF tabletop. Use wood glue to secure them, then nail for additional support. This will add to the strength of your art desk.

  4. Apply contact adhesive to the underside of the laminate using a short-napped roller. Apply the same adhesive to the top of the MDF art desk tabletop. Allow to set per the manufacturer's directions. Apply the laminate to the MDF desk top and roll to even out the surface and eliminate air bubbles.

  5. Apply trim along the edge of the art desk tabletop. Use a nail gun or hammer and small finish nails to secure the trim to your new table.

  6. Move your base cabinets and art desk tabletop into position. Screw or bolt the two cabinet units together to create each end of your art desk. Use 1-inch by 4-inch lumber to create supports for your tabletop. These boards should run from the outer edge of one set of cabinets to the outer edge of the other. Screw into place securely. Move your art desk tabletop into position.