How to Decorate With Scarf Valances

Scarf valances are valances that are made from one long piece of fabric.

Decorate With Scarf ValancesDecorate With Scarf Valances
They are usually draped over a curtain rod so that there is one "swoop" of fabric in the middle of the rod. The remaining fabric hangs down either end of the rod, sometimes reaching to the floor. They are usually lightweight and sheer.

Spread the valance out over a table to use as a decorative tablecloth. This looks especially great for weddings and baby showers.

Hang the valance over the top of a dresser so that it works as a table runner. Not only will this protect the wood, but it gives the dresser a soft, feminine feel.

Create a canopy over a bed by handing a curtain rod from the ceiling, then draping the valance over it so that it makes an inverted "V" shape, with the ends hanging down on either side of the bed.

Wrap the valance loosely around the base of a table lamp or the base of a vase of flowers. Alternately, wind the scarf valance around a display of collectible figurines in order to highlight them.

Drape the valance across the foot of your bed to give it a comfortable, light look.

Things You Will Need

  • Curtain rod
  • Scarf valance