How to Remove a Door Handle

Removing a door handle is a fairly simple process that can be done in just a few minutes. A door handle is fastened to the door with just a few screws; once they are removed, the handle assembly freely slides out.

  1. Locate the screws that are holding the door handle onto the door. They are normally found on the interior side of the door, on the plate behind the door handle.

  2. Unfasten the screws on the plate with a screwdriver until they are dislodged from the other door handle. Slide the door handle with the screws away from the door.

  3. Remove the door handle on the opposite side of the door. Pull it straight out from the door jamb latch that runs through the hole in the door.

  4. Unfasten the door jamb latch from the side of the door. Use a screwdriver to undo the screws and pull the door jamb latch out of the socket.

  5. Undo the strike plate on the door jamb by removing the screws with a screwdriver.

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