How to Change Sofa Fabric

After you have had your sofa for a few years it is possible that you will begin to see a lot of natural wear and tear on the fabric. If the foundation of the sofa is still in great shape, the only thing you need to do to make your sofa look like new again is simply change the fabric. By recovering it yourself you can save money.

  1. Position your sofa on its back.

  2. Use staple remover to remove the furniture staples that are securing the old fabric to the sofa. Gently pull the old fabric off of the sofa once all of the staples have been removed.

  3. Stretch the old sofa fabric out on a flat surface. Use a tape measure to measure the exact length and width of the old fabric. Add a few extra inches to the length and width after the exact measurements have been taken.

  4. Buy new fabric for your sofa from your local fabric supplier. The new fabric should meet the measurement specifications from Step 3.

  5. Use the old fabric as a pattern for your new sofa cover. Lay your old fabric on top of the new fabric. Secure the old fabric to the new fabric with pins. Cut around the old fabric with scissors. Remove the pins and the old fabric after you have finished cutting.

  6. Position your sofa upright. Place the new fabric on the sofa. Be sure to tuck the new fabric securely into all of the crevices. Turn the sofa on its back after you have tucked the fabric.

  7. Use the staple gun to staple the new fabric to the bottom of the sofa.

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