How to Clean a Honeywell Air Purifier

A Honeywell air purifier is a helpful appliance that makes indoor living more comfortable and healthy. Though it is a cleaning appliance, over time the air purifier can get dirty, with all manner of particles from the air getting caught in its vents and casing. This buildup can impede the air purifier's effectiveness and make it a dust and bacterial trap. Cleaning your air purifier can be completed in less than an hour with readily available household items. This is a maintenance task that should be done at least once a year.

  1. Vacuum the exterior of the purifier unit with the vacuum cleaner's brush attachment, focusing on the air intake and outlet vents. Wipe down the exterior with a well wrung, slightly damp rag sprayed with surface cleaner or a premoistened household cleaning wipe, such as Clorox wipes.

  2. Remove the pre-filter and HEPA filter from the purifier casing. Vacuum around each well and replace the pre-filter over the HEPA filter if needed.

  3. With the filters removed, vacuum out the interior of the purifier unit thoroughly with the brush and crevice attachments. Pay special attention to the intake and outflow vents where significant debris can get lodged. Wipe down the interior with a slightly dampened rag sprayed with surface cleaner or a premoistened wipe to pick up any remaining dust and debris and to disinfect the interior surface.

  4. Replace the HEPA and pre-filters into the unit and secure the unit casing. Plug the unit back into the power supply and turn it on to test for smooth operation.


  • Unplug your Honeywell air purifier before removing its cover or attempting any cleaning or filter replacement work.
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