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How to Protect an AC Condenser From the Sun

Michael Davidson

Air conditioners require the use of a condenser to keep the cool air flow functioning properly. Condensers are located on the sides of an air conditioning system, and they're regularly exposed to weather elements such as sunshine, wind and rain. The sun can heat up a condenser and make the system work harder to keep its air cool, resulting in overload. Protecting your AC condenser from the sun can help it last longer and run more efficiently.

Regular sun exposure can damage a condenser due to heat.
  1. Plant trees and shrubs around your air conditioner. They will grow large enough to provide shade that will block sunlight from reaching the condenser. Plant a medium or large-sized tree at least 16 feet away from the building. Keep the immediate area around the AC unit clear to permit proper airflow.

  2. Place a protective cover over the air conditioning unit. Ensure the cover is designed to prevent heat buildup since a regular tarp will trap heat from the sun.

  3. Position an awning over the AC unit to further prevent the sun from hitting the unit for any length of time.