How to Improve The Seal On Old Refrigerator Gaskets

This is an effective, inexpensive, and easy way to keep that cold air where it belongs...in your fridge or freezer. This simple and quick fix can help save energy and decrease the need to defrost those older freezers while getting longer use out of those old door gaskets.

  1. Thoroughly clean the gasket and the fridge or freezer edge where the gasket touches using the glass cleaner and paper towels making sure that where the two meet is free of any dirt or anything that may interfere with the seal.

  2. Using your finger tip, generously coat the gasket on the appliance doors with the petroleum jelly. Making sure the gasket is covered thoroughly and on all edges. The gasket should have an even coat from edge to edge.

  3. Close the door and then wipe the edges of the closed door gaskets to remove any little bits of the petroleum jelly that may have gotten on the outside edges.


  • Be careful not to get the petroleum jelly on clothing as it may stain.