How to Reupholster a Loveseat

Tiffany Holley

Many people have a loveseat but hate the color or the fabric. Or maybe it is stained from one too many parties. Likely you don't have the money to buy a new one or to pay someone to recover it. So what can you do? You can upholster it yourself at home and save yourself a bundle in the process and it is easier than you might think.

Remove the old fabric

Reupholster a Loveseat
  1. Turn the loveseat over upside down and remove the old fabric by using a flat head screwdriver or other flat tool to life the staples out. Keep the old fabric so you can use as a pattern to cut out the new cover.

  2. Determine if the foam and batting beneath the fabric is in good condition or not and if it should be replaced. If there have been a lot of spills on the furniture or pet stains, then it will probably need to be changed. If so you will have to remove it as well and staple on new foam and batting. If the foam is in good condition and you just want to plum it up a bit, then simply wrap it with new batting and staple it into place all around the outer edges of the loveseat.

  3. Place the new fabric face down on a flat surface and place the old fabric pieces face down on top. Pin it to the new fabric along the edges. Cut the new pieces out by tracing around the old pieces with the electric sewing scissors. Remove the pins after you have cut out all of the pieces.

  4. Place the back piece on first and staple in place along the back top edge of the loveseat. Flip the loveseat over and staple the bottom of the fabric to the underneath back side. Next position the front piece of fabric into place then flip it over letting the piece drape down the back of the loveseat. Staple it into place right over top of the back piece covering the back staples. Flip it back over and staple the bottom and sides of the front piece into place. If done properly, you will not be able to see any staples along the back top edge.

  5. Position the arms pieces onto the loveseat and place staples both on the inside and outside of the arms. Position the bottom front piece into place by flipping the fabric up and over then stapling it along the edge of the loveseat. Next flip the loveseat upside down and staple the fabric underneath the bottom edge of the loveseat.

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