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How to Make a Loveseat Cover From a Sheet

Karen Curinga

The frame of your loveseat is in fine shape, but the fabric is looking faded and worn. Professional re-upholstery is not in the budget right now. An excellent, cost-effective way to update your loveseat is by creating slipcovers using king-sized sheets. These versatile sheets come in an unlimited variety of patterns and colors. No need to worry about the kids and pets as these covers are removable for easy laundering. Make a slipcover that reflects the festiveness of the holidays or welcomes the start of each new season. Transform the look of your loveseat and your room by using inexpensive sheets and some upholstery tacks.

Change the look of your old loveseat with a slipcover.

Step 1

Select two king-sized flat sheets that complement your room's decor.

Step 2

Remove the loveseat cushions and temporarily set aside.

Step 3

Lay one sheet on the loveseat front side facing up, running lengthwise from arm to arm. Cover the entire loveseat evenly with the fabric. Gently tuck the sheet into the couch crevices along the bottom of the seat back and arms. Allow enough fabric to completely cover the front as well as both sides of the loveseat.

Step 4

Hammer upholstery tacks, or nails, along the tucked crevices. Secure the nails through the fabric to the loveseat's wood under structure, using the tack hammer. Place the tacks as far back into the crevices as possible so they are not seen. Use as many tacks as needed to get a secure hold.

Step 5

Form the sheet snugly over the arms and back of the loveseat. The sheet should lie smooth and flat against the seat back and arms. Secure the fabric in the back of the loveseat and down the outside of the arms with additional tacks as needed. Hammer the tacks through the fabric and into the structure.

Step 6

Cut the second sheet in half lengthwise. Wrap one of the sheet halves around one of the cushions until it is completely covered, with the material's printed side facing out. Hand stitch a few stitches through the sheet layers where the sheet edge ends. This holds the sheet securely. Place the cushion back on the loveseat, stitched side facing down.

Step 7

Repeat the process in Step 6 on the remaining seat cushion. Look to see that no loose edges or corners are exposed on the loveseat.