How to Get Rid of Roaches in Your House

It has been written that in case of nuclear destruction of our planet, roaches would be one of the few species to survive. Despite their level of toughness, it is possible to control roaches by following prudent tactics.

You can make your home quite unwelcoming for cockroaches.

Step 1

Rid your home of brown paper bags and cardboard boxes. The roaches lay their eggs in these items, and the babies eat the glue that holds them together. Roaches often come into your home in bags and boxes, and they continue to serve as a breeding ground.

Step 2

Clean countertops of crumbs, dirty dishes and cups.

Step 3

Mix boric acid with equal amounts of sugar, flour or cornmeal.

Step 4

Place the mixture in jar lids and put the lids in cabinets or areas where roaches have been spotted. Look to distribute the lids in the kitchen, bathroom and basement. Place lids under the refrigerator, under sinks, along baseboards, behind the stove -- anywhere roaches like to travel and hide. The roaches walk through this mixture and take it back to their nest where it dries them out and they die.

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