How to Troubleshoot a Split Unit Air Conditioner Leaking Problem

When it's hot outside the last thing you need is an air conditioning problem.

If your split unit air conditioner is leaking, you want to get it fixed quickly to avoid any water damage. You also want to get it working so that you and your family can remain cool. You can take steps to troubleshoot your A/C leaking problem.

Locate source of leaking water. Put down towels to soak up puddled water, or use the wet/dry vacuum if water is excessive.

Locate the end of the drain line on the outside of the house. This can usually be found near the outside part of the A/C. Suck out dirt and grime from the drain line with the wet/dry vacuum cleaner.

If unit continues to leak, you should contact your A/C repair person as the problem is probably coming from the inside of the unit and requires professional attention.

Things You Will Need

  • Wet/dry vacuum cleaner
  • Towels


  • Change or clean filters every 30 days to ensure efficiency and prevent problems such as water leaks. If you have an ultraviolet system, change the light bulb every year to ensure maximum protection. Have your A/C system checked once a year by a qualified professional.


  • Never attempt to service the inside part of the air conditioning system, including the drain pan, as these areas contain high voltage and could be highly dangerous.

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