How to Give Estimates on a Cleaning Job

Running your own cleaning business will require you to set your own rates and prices. Some customers may even ask for an estimate for a bigger cleaning job or for normal upkeep of their house. Being able to provide them with an estimate might set you apart from the competition. Estimating requires figuring out how much your time is worth and how quickly you can complete the job. In addition, always do a walk-through with the customer.

  1. Research the cost of living in the area. The cost of living will have a great influence on your estimates. In an affluent area, you can charge a little more for your services. In a lower class area, you will not be able to charge as much. Keep your rates modest and competitive.

  2. Research your competition. Providing competitive estimates is the only way to stay ahead of other similar businesses, especially when accepting new customers. Most customers will shop around for this type of service, so having the most competitive rates is important.

  3. Create a form with your criteria for estimating cleaning jobs. This form should contain the customer's name, address, total rooms to be cleaned, what their requirements are for cleaning and if there is any nontraditional cleaning that needs to be done. Nontraditional cleaning could include lawn cleaning such as raking leaves. A sample estimate form is located in the Resources.

  4. Clean your own home for a practice run. Get a feel for how much time each room would cost to clean and what supplies you need. Fill in your estimate form during your practice run to help you estimate your work.

  5. Figure out how much your time is worth. If you feel your services are worth $40 an hour, figure out how much you can clean in that amount of time. Then, estimate how long you think the job would take to complete.

  6. Complete your estimate at the walk-through with the customer. Estimate how long the job would take and factor in any special cleanings. Provide the customer with a completed form itemizing the cleaning job.


  • Do not clean anything not included in the estimate without consent from the customer.
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