How to Install Bali Vinyl Blinds

Bali Vinyl Blinds are made by Spring Window Fashions and are a great window treatment option for any home.

These blinds can be custom cut while you wait; all you have to do is provide the correct window measurements. Installing these blinds is literally a snap: the headrail simply clips into the mounting brackets after the brackets are fastened into place. You can expect years of service from these blinds.

Measure the window opening with a tape measure according to the way you would like to mount the blind (inside, outside or ceiling). Inside mount measurements include the inside opening of the window. Outside mount measurements include the outside measurement of the window casing. Ceiling mount measurements include the exact desired size of the window blind (this is a very flexible mounting option).

Empty the contents of the Bali Vinyl Blind packaging and be sure all of the hardware is included with the blind.

Hold the blind up to the desired mounting area and mark the edge and corner of each side of the blind headrail with a pencil. Use a level when mounting the blind outside of the window frame.

Hold the mounting brackets up to the headrail marks and mark the placement of the screws with a pencil. Drill starter holes for the screws with a small drill bit so the screws install with less effort.

Fasten the mounting brackets into place with a drill and the screws provided by the blind manufacturer. Mounting brackets can be fastened into place with a screwdriver, but a drill makes the task effortless.

Attach the provided plastic end caps to the headrail and bottom rail of the blind. Snap the headrail into the mounting brackets and attach the tilt adjustment wand.

Fasten the hold-down brackets to the window sill with the provided screws and a drill or screwdriver (optional).

Open and close the blind, and tilt the louvers in both directions to be sure the blind functions correctly.

Things You Will Need

  • Tape measure
  • Pencil
  • Level
  • Drill
  • Small drill bit
  • Screwdriver

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