How to Replace a Lid Switch for a Kenmore Washing Machine

The lid switch of the Kenmore washing machine close the electrical circuits allow the components to work properly. When the lid switch is defective the washer will not spin or agitate. Once you know how to replace a lid switch for a Kenmore washing machine you can save money and replace it yourself. The cabinet of the washing machine will have to be removed. Fortunately this can be accomplished quickly and the lid switch can be accessed.

Step 1

Unplug the Kenmore washing machine from the wall outlet.

Step 2

Use a Phillips-head screwdriver to remove the two screws that secure the control console to the top of the washer. Flip the control console back and allow it to rest in the service position.

Step 3

Insert a flathead screwdriver into the rear mounting clips located on the rear top corners. Press in and the pull back to release the clips from the top panel.

Step 4

Disconnect the lid switch wiring harness located on the top rear of the Kenmore washer. Press in on the plastic tab and pull the wiring harness apart.

Step 5

Open the washer lid and tilt the rear of the cabinet up toward you. Lift the cabinet to release it from the bottom tabs. Move it away from the washer base. Keep the washer lid open to access the mounting screws for the lid switch.

Step 6

Pull the wires away from the clips under the top panel. Unhook the connector from the washer cabinet.

Step 7

Use a screwdriver to remove the two screws that mount the switch to the inside of the washer. Pull the lid switch away from the washer. Insert a screwdriver between the lid switch actuator and the lid. Turn the blade of the screwdriver to pop the actuator off of the lid.

Step 8

Insert the new plastic actuator into the lid. Press it in until it locks in place.

Step 9

Position the new lid switch in place. Secure it with the two attaching screws. Make sure the lid switch wire is fastened into the cabinet clips and the connector is in place at the rear top of the washer cabinet.

Step 10

Reinstall the Kenmore washer cabinet back over the washer base and tub. Press the brass clips into place that hold the washer cabinet and rear panel together. Connect the wire harness from the control panel to the lid switch by pressing it in until it locks in place.

Step 11

Flip the control console back onto the top of the washer. Secure it with the two attaching screws. Be careful when tightening down to avoid cracking the plastic trim.

Step 12

Plug the Kenmore washing machine back into the wall outlet.