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How to Scrap Aluminum Windows & Doors

Doug Berthon

Whether your reason is ecological or financial, it makes good sense to scrap aluminum windows and doors. Scrapping leaves more room in your dumpster for other debris, which could save you a lot of money. There is preparation work to prepare aluminum doors and windows for scrapping, but the payback is usually worth it. The price you receive for scrapping aluminum fluctuates, so you may want to check the going price before you make the trip to the scrap yard.

  1. Remove all non-aluminum parts, such as wood, screws, nails, plastic, screens and glass from the frame. Aluminum doors and windows are often fastened together with screws and are usually dismantled easily. If the aluminum is attached to the wood of a window, use a flat bar to free it.

  2. Place the longer pieces in a vehicle or trailer and place the smaller pieces in a garbage can or other container. Use a hacksaw or reciprocating saw to shorten or lighten longer and heavier pieces.

  3. Bring the aluminum to the scrap yard, place it on the scale and collect your money.