How to Install a Bathroom Ceiling Light Heater Fan

Many home bathrooms come with an exhaust fan to remove moisture from the buildup of steam. In addition to an exhaust fan, a bathroom may have a heater fan or a unit that combines a heater fan and a ceiling light. If your bathroom is cold or drafty, you may benefit from replacing an existing exhaust fan with a bathroom heater fan that includes a ceiling light.

  1. Turn off the circuit to the bathroom from the breaker box.

  2. Remove the old exhaust fan from the ceiling. Remove the lightbulbs and the wiring cover from the old exhaust fan.

  3. Disconnect any electrical wires that are present and then remove any screws that were used to secure the unit to the ceiling joist.

  4. Go into the attic or crawl space to where the exhaust fan is located.

  5. Remove the electrical cable and clamp from the old exhaust fan.

  6. Remove the flexible air duct from the exhaust fan. You may need to use a screwdriver to loosen screws if a clamp was used.

  7. Remove any screws that were used to secure the exhaust fan to the ceiling joists and then take out the unit.

  8. Go back down to the bathroom and install the new heater fan.

  9. Place the unit in the hole in the ceiling and secure it to the ceiling joist. Use a screwdriver or power drill to secure the screws to the joist.

  10. Connect the electrical wires following the instructions that came with the unit.

  11. Go back into the attic and secure the unit to the ceiling joist using a power drill. Attach the flexible air duct and secure it to the heater fan by tightening the screw on the clamp.

  12. Insert the lightbulbs in the sockets on the heater fan.

  13. Turn on the circuit breaker from the breaker box and then test the heater fan and lights to make sure the unit is working properly.


  • Newer heater fans with ceiling lights may be bigger than your existing exhaust fan, which may require making the hole in the ceiling bigger. Always turn off electricity before working with electrical wiring.
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