How to Make Fragrance Sachets

Fragrance sachets are small cloth bags filled with fragrant dried herbs, potpourri and spices tied off at the top with a ribbon.

Fragrance sachets are utilized for both decorative and freshening purposes. To the decorative end, fragrance sachets are often made of either a semi-transparent fabric or are embroidered. Sometimes, the ribbon used to close the sachet has beads strung on to the ends. Fragrance sachets are relatively simple to put together and take little time if you create a basic version without extra embroidery. This makes them a great candidate for party favors or gifts for a group of people. .

Sew a half inch seam on one of the shorter sides of each of your pieces of fabric.

Lay the two pieces of fabric together, seams facing outward. Sew the fabric pieces together along the three sides that don't already have seams sewn in.

Reverse your sewn-together pieces of fabric. You will have a small bag.

Fill the bag with your dried herbs or potpourri, leaving at least two inches of clearance at the top.

Close your bag with the length of ribbon, tied tightly into a bow.

Things You Will Need

  • 2 5x7 pieces of fabric
  • Needle and thread or sewing machine
  • Fragrant dried herbs or potpourri
  • Length of ribbon


  • If you don't like sewing or don't have the time, use pinking shears to cut a square patch of fabric, place your potpourri or herbs in the center, and tie the patch off with a ribbon.


  • Don't use a fabric with holes or that has a net-like texture, as it will allow the dried herbs or potpourri to escape.

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