How to Kill Black Mold & Mildew

Mold and spores are impossible to eradicate completely. Mold spores are airborne and easily carried by the wind. There are some ways to keep levels of mold down in your surroundings. Learn to kill and prevent its return in your home.

Black Mold Removal and Prevention

  1. Use rubber gloves, to avoid skin irritation from chemicals. Keep children and animals away until you have finished cleaning and drying the area. Open windows and close the door to keep the smell and spores away from other areas of the home. Make sure that you put on a surgical mask.

  2. The first way to kill black mold is by using chemicals. Do this by using such house-cleaning chemicals as bleach, ammonia, Borax or vinegar. Bleach is the strongest of all the chemicals.

  3. Scrub the area with a hard, brush-style scrubber. Combine a ratio of 75 percent bleach to 25 percent water, and apply to all areas with mold. Allow it to sit for an hour or two. Scrub and wash all surrounding areas, and allow the areas to dry.

  4. The second way to kill mold is by freezing or burning it. This usually isn't feasible in the home. Removal of items that contain mold is an obvious strategy. Make sure that you wear gloves and a surgical mask to dispose of items. Do not sweep up the mold or vacuum it; this will only disperse it.

  5. The best way to prevent mold is to keep moisture away. If you cannot stop the source of moisture, then make sure to clean the area in question frequently. Fresh air or fans help keep the air dry. A dehumidifier will also keep mold growth at bay.


  • Black mold is very dangerous especially to children and the elderly. If you don't feel like messing with the problem, then contact a professional.
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