How to Hang Patio Curtains

Adding patio curtains to your outdoor space can help add some privacy to your beautiful paradise. Available in a number of colors and designs, patio curtains also can help you add an element of design to your decor and help your deck, patio or porch feel more like an outdoor room. If your outdoor space has a roof, you can hang patio curtains and add your own design to your outdoor living space.

  1. Measure the distance from the roof of your outdoor space to the ground. Subtract four to six inches from that number, and that's the length of curtain you need. In addition, measure the top of your patio roof, from edge to edge, to determine how wide your curtains should be.

  2. Purchase curtains designed for use outdoors. Curtains designed for indoor use will not stand up to long periods of exposure to the weather like waterproof outdoor curtains will. Waterproof curtains are essential if you live in an area with frequent rainfall, or if you plan to leave your curtains up during the winter when they may be exposed to snow and ice. You also need to buy weather-resistant curtain rods that run the length of your patio.

  3. Determine where you want to mount your outdoor curtain rod. Mark the location on one patio support column, then measure where it falls in relation to the roof of the patio. Mark the other support column so when you hang your outdoor curtain rods, they will hang evenly.

  4. Mount the first curtain rod mount on the wall by drilling the screws enclosed in your curtain rod into the patio support column. Repeat this process for the second mount on the other patio support column, using the markings you made previously as a guide.

  5. Set your curtain rods in the curtain rod mounts, one side at a time. If you're working with a long curtain rod, you need two people to do this so one person can work on each side.

  6. Add curtain rings to your outdoor patio curtains, if necessary. Remove the curtain rod from one mount, and then slide the curtains onto the curtain rod.

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