How to Pick a Coin Laundry Machine

A laundry center provides a great place to go if you need to wash all of your clothes at once, offering convenience and an open layout.

However, you might find many different types of washers as well as many duplicates of the same variety. With a few tips, you can easily pick a machine to use.

Determine what kind of laundry load you have. You'll usually need to wash sheets in bigger front-loading washers, while you can wash clothing and most other items in a smaller, top-loading machine.

Check the prices of the laundry machines. Typically the washers that wash the least amount of clothes cost less than washers with bigger capacities. Prices generally range from $1.50 to $5.25 for the washers, depending on location. Dryers tend to charge a flat rate per 10 minutes

Inspect the washer's tank for debris or anything else that may affect the cleaning of your clothes. You can usually wipe away any debris with a paper towel and some detergent, but you see something in the tank that looks bad to you, choose another washer.

Make sure the washer has the setting you need for your clothes. Most washers should have, at the very least, warm, cold and hot settings, while some have cycles for delicate and permanent-press clothes. If unsure what cycle you need, read the tag on your clothes.


  • Most laundry centers have many versions of the same drier, so you usually don't have an option with them. You may repeat steps 3 and 4 to choose a drier, however.


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