How to Fix a Buzzing Washing Machine

A "buzzing" washing machine could mean a hefty repair bill if not attended to promptly.

How to fix a buzzing washing machine

Although the sound is probably due to the water taps being energized, it could also be a matter of clogged hoses. With these brief instructions, your washing machine will soon be working at full speed again. .

Carefully pull the washing machine away from the wall. Check to ensure that the taps going into the back of the machine have not been turned off or that the water supply has not been interrupted in any way.

Turn the water supply off that leads to the washing machine valves. Set your bucket under the water taps to catch any stray water.

Using a pair of pliers, turn the water taps to release the hose from the washing machine. If there is a steady amount of water coming from the hose, then you should check the filter at the water valve.

Using a pair of pliers, remove the filter at the water valve. Be careful not to tear the filter, because even small pieces of debris, such as sand, can slip through the filter if it is punctured. Replace the filter and the hoses and turn the water valves on.

Check to see if the washing machine is making the buzzing sound at this point. If it is, continue with step 6. The second issue that a buzzing washing machine could signify is a clogged pipe, which is also indicated by a low-flow level when you remove the hoses from the back of the washing machine.

Turn the water taps to release the hoses from the rear of the washing machine. Turn off the cold supply tap of the washing machine. Turn off the hot water cylinder supply tap at your water heater or completely drain the tank before proceeding.

Remove any debris from the hoses and filters, ensuring that they are cleaned well. Once the entire blockage is removed, the water can be turned on and the washing machine tested.

At this point, if the washing machine is still making a buzzing sound, it is time to call a plumber or repairman.

Things You Will Need

  • Pliers
  • Bucket


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