How to Remove Water Spots on Faucets

You may have noticed that your once pristine-looking faucet is covered in spots that won't wipe off with a cloth or towel. Water spots occur when the minerals found in your faucet water adheres to the faucet and stains the metal. Luckily, water spots can be removed with just a small amount of elbow grease.

  1. Dry off your faucet. You don't want water to dilute the cleaning products you apply.

  2. Apply diluted hydrochloric acid to the faucet. This can be purchased in most cleaning sections at either your neighborhood grocery store or home improvement store. Allow the cleaner to sit for a few moments.

  3. Clean the faucet with a hard-bristled toothbrush. Do not scrub too hard, or the diluted hydrochloric acid may splash onto nearby carpet, towels or clothing and stain it.

  4. Rinse off and clean the faucets with a clean, damp rag, and then dry it.

  5. Spray the faucet with an all-purpose bathroom cleaner at least once a week. This reduces the need to clean with diluted hydrochloric acid. Make sure to wipe down the faucet at least once a day, to keep water from sitting on it and causing more water spots.

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