How to Repair Wooden Blinds

Wood blinds can be elegant and stylish additions to any home. These blinds can be expensive, so if you can repair them yourself, it would extend the life of the blinds and save you money in the long run. First, determine what repairs your blinds need before you attempt to fix them. Anybody can follow these repair tips to fix the blinds themselves. All it takes are a few basic tools to restore your blinds to proper working condition.

How to Repair Wooden Blinds

  1. Figure out what the problem is before you begin. For example, if a slat is broken you may need to cut the strings and replace it. If the blinds will not move, the cord lock may be stuck. You may need to replace the strings if they are worn out. Once you determine the problem, it will be much easier to repair the blinds.

  2. Make sure you have all the tools. Most blinds can be fixed with basic items. If the strings need to be replaced, you can use scissors to cut the strings and lace the new ones through. If the cord lock is jammed, a screwdriver may do the trick. You may need to purchase new slats if you have to replace broken ones.

  3. Remove the blinds from the window and place them on a flat surface before you begin working on them.

  4. Use a screwdriver to jam against the pin in a cord lock to free the blinds if they are stuck in place. If the string is broken, tie the ends together; if the string is worn out, replace it with new string and tie to the other end.

  5. Restring the blinds by first flipping the blinds over and removing the plugs on the bottom rail with a screwdriver. Take out the bottom rail, untie the knot and pull out the string. Lace the string back through the holes, shove the string through the hole in the bottom rail, and tie the knot. Cut the string just beneath the knot and replace the bottom rail.

  6. Replace broken blinds by repeating the steps above for restringing, but only pull out the string to the point of the broken slats. Place the new slats in the ladder strings and lace string through the holes. Tie the knot beneath the bottom rail and cut excess string. Replace the bottom rail.

  7. Check the length and make sure the blinds hang straight before putting them back on the wall. If they need any adjustments, you can do it now.

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