How to Put a New Cord on a Roll-Up Blind

When strings, slats, tilt cords or pull cords break on a blind, it is sometimes more economical to replace the parts instead of the entire unit. Installing a new pull cord on a horizontal blind involves minimal effort and a few basic tools.

  1. Take the blind off the window and lay it on a flat surface. Pry the caps off the bottom rail with a screwdriver.

  2. Untie the knot in the ends of the lift cord or cut it off.

  3. Pull the cord up, moving it out of the slats, but do not take it out of the head rail. Remove the slats from the string.

  4. Feed one end of the new lift cord into the head rail from underneath while the old cord is still attached. Use the old cord to guide you as you place the new one. Push the new cord through the hole as you take the old one out.

  5. Make sure the end of the pull cord touches the bottom rail when the blind is completely extended so it can easily be reached when lifting the blind.

  6. Hang the blind back on the window. Replace the slats by slipping them between the string ladders on each side of the blinds. Wind the lift cord through the holes in the slats.

  7. Tie the end of the pull cord beneath the bottom rail. Cut off any extra cord and replace the caps.

  8. Adjust the length of the pull cord if necessary.