How to Cut Cellular Blinds

Dianne Christensen-Herman

Cellular shades provide light control and are a nice decorative addition to any home. These blinds are also know as honeycomb shades and consist of two separate layers of polyester fabric that are joined together. These shades come in a variety of styles and colors and are usually custom cut to size. But you may have measured improperly or ordered the incorrect size or want to move them to a new window. It is usually more cost-effective to cut the existing shades rather than buying new ones. Anyone can cut cellular shades to the correct width with the proper tools.

  1. Take down the cellular shade from the window and lay it fully extended on a flat surface. Determine the length you would like the roller to be by using a measuring tape. Measure the blind from the end of the round pin to the flat pin on the opposite side. Use a pen to make a mark where you need to cut the roller.

  2. Pull out the staples with a staple remover, but only on the section you will no longer be using. It is unnecessary to take out the staples in the fabric you are still using. Remove the metal cap and round pin from one end with a pair of pliers and pull straight off. Always cut the end with the round metal pin.

  3. Use a hand saw to cut the wood roller off at the mark you made in Step 1. Replace the metal cap and pin by lightly tapping it back in with a hammer.

  4. Make a line with a pen where you need to cut the fabric along one side. Mark a straight line with a pen from the top to the bottom of the fabric to help guide you.

  5. Take out the wood slat from the slat pocket before you cut it. Use scissors to cut the fabric. Use a saw to cut the wood slat at the appropriate spot and put it back.

  6. Hang the shade back on the window and make sure it is the appropriate width. It may need further adjustments.