How to Use a Floor Stripper Power Tool

Removing tile, linoleum, carpet or even wood laminate from a floor can be tough, tedious business. With a floor stripper power tool, you can save time as well as unnecessary wear and tear on your knees and elbows. Floor stripper power tools come in a variety of models. Some are hand-held, and others are riding units similar to riding lawnmowers. All of them will get the job done quickly and easily with just a little practice.


Step 1

Wheel the machine to the center of the room. Starting in the center will allow you to familiarize yourself with the floor stripper power tool without banging into a counter or scraping a wall.

Step 2

Position the blade at an angle between two tiles. If your floor stripper power tool is a riding unit, park the unit's blade between two tiles.

Step 3

Work the handles gently back and forth until the blade catches the edge of a tile. Some units require moving the floor stripper power tool forward and down.

Step 4

Push the floor stripper power tool forward. The blade oscillates and lifts, so it will be able to get beneath the tile, but you should guide the floor stripper power tool with enough force to keep it moving forward but not so quickly that the blade binds. If you're operating a self-propelled unit, simply steer the floor stripper power tool, and allow the stripper to do its work.

Step 5

Proceed in a single row from one tile to the next.

Step 6

Stop one or two tiles away from a wall or counter.

Step 7

Position the floor stripper power tool parallel to the wall or counter, and strip the remaining tiles. Some units do not have enough blade-width to run parallel to a wall, so you'll have to be careful not to ram a wall or counter.

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