How to Hook Up a Whirlpool Ice Maker

The Whirlpool style icemaker has been such a successful design that many other manufacturers besides Whirlpool have started using the icemaker in their refrigerators. The basic installation techniques are very similar from model to model, which is convenient when it comes to installing a new icemaker. Hooking up your Whirlpool icemaker can be a breeze as long as you know where to start.

  1. Look for two small, plastic plugs in the left side of your freezer wall. These plugs will be located toward the top of a side by side. Use a flat screwdriver to pop these plugs out.

  2. Look for a plastic cover on the back wall of the freezer. The cover will say "for icemaker use only" or something similar. Remove this cover by pressing in with your fingers, or by prying out with a flat screwdriver.

  3. Look for another cover near the top on the back of the refrigerator. This will also say "for icemaker use only." Remove this cover. Use a flat screwdriver to punch through the paper if necessary. You should now how a hole from the freezer through the back of the refrigerator.

  4. Find the fill-tube in the new Whirlpool icemaker kit. Install the fill tube through the hole in the freezer.

  5. Look for a small, square-shaped plastic cover on the left side of the freezer. Remove this cover with a flat screwdriver. This reveals a plug beneath.

  6. Get the icemaker out of the box, and insert the male icemaker plug into the female plug on the refrigerator. Keep the toggle switch on the icemaker in the "off" position. Let the icemaker rest on the floor of the freezer for now.

  7. Find the three Phillips or 1/4-inch screws that came with the Whirlpool icemaker. Set these in the freezer. Look for two small, plastic inserts near the top of the freezer and one a few inches down. Use a flat screwdriver to remove these inserts. This reveals the screw holes for mounting the icemaker.

  8. Hold the icemaker against the freezer wall, and insert the three screws into the holes. Two screws go through the top mounting brackets, and one goes through the tab on the bottom of the icemaker. Tighten the screws. Make sure that the fill-tube is resting inside of the fill cup on the icemaker.

  9. Flip the toggle switch to the "on" position. The icemaker is now installed.