How to Sleep on a Platform Bed

Platform beds provide a sleek style that looks good in any bedroom.

Usually platform beds do not have a headboard or footboard, nor do they accommodate box springs. Instead, the platform is made of a box about a foot high, topped with either wooden slats or flat boards that provide a surface on which to place the mattress. Sleeping on a platform bed is easy, and its firmness can benefit the back.

Decide on a type of platform bed. You will need to choose a platform that meets your needs in terms of style, comfort and space. You will need to decide on color and type of wood. You also need to choose either a slat or flat-board style. One has spaces, while the other is simply a flat board the mattress lies on. Finally, decide if you want storage or drawer space under the bed. Some platform beds have drawers built into the base, while others are a solid box.

Choose a mattress for your platform bed. You will need a fairly firm, substantial mattress. Most mattresses are supported by the box spring, so swaying of the mattress is not usually noticed. But because the platform bed provides a hard base, any sagging of the mattress will be noticed.

Place the mattress on top of the platform, making sure the mattress is centered. Make the bed as you would normally. Using a bed skirt is up to you. Most platform beds, though, don't accommodate a skirt, as they are too close to the ground.

Sleep in the bed as normal. You may need to adjust the height of your bedside table or perhaps purchase a new one if it is not accessible from the platform bed. Keep in mind you are closer to the floor in a platform bed, so it may take some adapting to get used to getting in and out of the bed.


  • Choose a platform with underbed storage. This will help you maximize storage in your room.


  • Don't choose a platform bed if you need your bed to be up off the ground. Platform beds generally sit close to the floor, so if you have a condition that does not allow you to bend down or get up from a low position easily, you may want to consider a higher bed.
  • Don't use a platform bed with an older mattress or a mattress that sags. Platform beds do not provide the spring and added stability that a box spring has, so sleeping on a sagging mattress could lead to back pain over time.

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