How to Install a Dishwasher Access Panel

Dishwasher access panels protect the underside of the appliance where electrical and water connections are found. Installing these panels is easy to accomplish, takes only minutes and will ensure the safety of your machine.

  1. Locate the access panel. Most models have either one or two panels. On two panel models, the upper, larger panel is the access panel, sometimes referred to as the kick plate. The smaller, lower panel is the toe plate, and is often recessed.

  2. Install the toe plate. First, locate the two metal, adjustable feet of the dishwasher. They are located on the front corners, sit directly on the ground and are part of the dishwasher frame. Mount the toe plate by placing it against the adjustable feet. The corners of the toe plate should wrap around the outside of the adjustable feet.

  3. Secure the toe plate to the adjustable feet using the Phillips screwdriver. Note that some models use bolts instead of screws. In this case, use a nut driver and appropriately sized socket to secure the toe plate in position. There will be two screws, or bolts, and they will connect in the top corners of the panel.

  4. Mount the kick plate in position above the toe kick. If there is an upper lip on the top of the kick plate, slip that into position underneath the dishwasher first and press the bottom portion into position.

  5. Secure the kick plate to the dishwasher using either the Phillips screwdriver or the nut driver and corresponding socket. There will be two screws or bolts and they will connect in the upper corners of the access panel.


  • Before beginning, make sure the power is off. Electrical connections are located behind the panels. Use the line voltage electrical detector to make certain the power is off.

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