How to Replace Curtains

It is time for a change. There is no easier way to drastically change the look and atmosphere of your room, than swapping out your old curtains. Take down the old ones and replace them with something new, fresh and beautiful. Choose colors based on their effects. Try red curtains for a burst of energy, yellow to brighten the room and your mood. Opt for cool greens and blues for a calming effect. Use purple or black for an unexpected twist. Play with color and enjoy your new space.

  1. Place your step stool directly under the window. If the curtain rods are high, have someone help you by holding the ladder.
  2. Unhook your curtains from the hardware. Unscrew any screws, if needed. Do not unscrew them all the way, just undo them enough to get the rod out.
  3. Lift up the rod and step down off of the ladder or stool. Take any anchoring side hardware off of one side. Slide your old curtains off by tipping the rod down in the direction of the removed hardware. Allow them to slide off or guide them off by pushing them with your hand.
  4. Guide the new curtain onto the rod. Make sure the panels are facing the correct way. Open the top of the curtain and slide the pole through the opening.
  5. Replace the hardware you took off of the rod in Step 3. Spread your curtains out on the rod.
  6. Climb the stool or ladder and place the rod back onto the hardware. Tighten any screws with your screwdriver. Step back and arrange the curtains evenly along the rod.

Things You Will Need

  • Step stool
  • Screwdriver


  • Thread the curtains on using the small hole if you do not want any ruching or gathering at the top of the rod. Use the large opening if you do. This only applies if you have a standard panel, otherwise just use the hole provided.
  • Wash and dry your old curtains before putting them away, using them in another room or donating them to charity.


  • Wear flat shoes with good grip when climbing ladders and step stools.

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