How to Convert a Barn Into a House

Converting a barn into a living space may seem like a simple goal, but it is one that will require a great deal of financial capital and patience.
Barns are constructed to keep animals and their food sheltered from inclement weather; they are not initially designed to be lived in. As a result, there are many steps that need to be taken along the way to ensure that your barn can be converted into a safe, comfortable house.

Step 1

File for the proper permits from a zoning council or other board before beginning the conversion of a barn to a house. There are instances where it may be considered unsafe to convert the barn, and it is important to have permission to go ahead on the building before you buy it.

Step 2

Hire an architect to draw up specific plans for converting the barn into a house. This will include the layout and size of the rooms, internal plumbing and wiring as well as other significant changes that will need to be made to the barn. Work with the architect to make sure the plans for conversion are the way you want them.

Step 3

Hire a contractor to do the actual construction on the conversion of the barn, unless you are skilled in construction and building yourself. A contracted architect or builder will be able to go about converting the barn into a house, which will include strengthening the physical structure of the barn and installing stronger floors.

Step 4

Be involved in the construction process for converting the barn into a home. Approve all plans for strengthening the barn's structure, adding rooms and making other changes to the internal layout of the barn.

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