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How to Identify a Nantucket Basket Purse

Nantucket baskets are each individually made to be "one of a kind". They are custom made with high quality craftsmanship and are known for their longevity and elegant refinement. The Nantucket baskets are not mass produced, they are created one at a time with all the intricate details that Nantucket baskets are known for. More importantly, Nantucket baskets are 100% American made, and there are a variety of designs and shapes to each one of these baskets.

What to look for in a Nantucket basket purse

  1. Using the magnifying glass, look on the bottom of the basket purse for the creator's signature and date that it was made.

  2. Using the magnifying glass, count how many staves the purse has. The Nantucket purse is only made with an odd number of staves.

  3. Look at the front catch on the purse. The catch shouldn't be made from anything other than reed (not wood), and the latch should be bolted on. (Refer to the pictures in the book to compare).

  4. Notice the price that's on the Nantucket basket purse. The normal price range for an authentic Nantucket purse ranges from $110.00 to $125.00 per inch (the long dimension of the opening).

  5. Look to see how many of these purses are for sale where you are at. An authentic Nantucket purse is not mass produced; they are individually made and special ordered only.