How to Make a Comforter Out of Sheets

Sheets make excellent fabric for comforters.

They are wide enough to fit any bed size without piecing and they come in hundreds of patterns and colors. Choose high-quality sheets because this project takes a lot of effort and you will want your finished comforter to look good for a long time. This comforter will use ties to attach the cover to the filler.

Wash the sheets, if desired, and press.

Pin the sheets together, with right sides facing, along the sides and top. Leave the bottom edge open. Sew along the pinned edges, making a ¾-inch seam. Use a 3.5 to 4 stitch length setting.

Lay the sewed sheet set on a large work surface or use the floor (see Reference 1). Pin the batting to the sheet set, aligning the edges of the batting to the edges of sheets. Trim the batting as necessary to even up.

Pin the batting to the sheet set. Sew the batting to the sheet set in the seam allowance (see Reference 2). Leave the bottom edge open as before.

Carefully turn the sheet set right sides out. Smooth the edges to align top to bottom.

Make a ¾-inch fold inward on the open bottom edges. Press. Pin the folded edges together, catching the batting in the pins, too. Topstitch the opening closed.

Measure and mark a grid pattern every 6 inches on the top sheet. A fabric marker that disappears with water works well. Then pin the layers together at the marks.

Tie the bottom and top together with the upholstery thread. This stabilizes the batting and keeps it from shifting.

Things You Will Need

  • Iron
  • Pins
  • Two flat sheets in the correct size
  • Extra loft batting in the same size
  • Matching thread
  • Fabric marker
  • Upholstery/carpet thread


  • The heading at the top of the sheets can be placed at the top of the comforter for interest or remove the stitching and press it flat.
  • When stitching the batting to the seam allowance, have the batting on top as you feed it through the machine. This prevents the batting from getting tangled in the feed dogs.

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