How to Install Hot Water Baseboards

Radiant hot water baseboard heating installation cannot be completed entirely by a homeowner. A change this significant in any heating system requires permitting and inspections by local governments. Additionally, if any of the major parts are improperly installed, serious injury or damage can occur. Still, to save on labor costs, a homeowner can install baseboard heaters.

Step 1

Locate where the heater will be installed. Baseboard heaters should be installed on walls without large furniture such as beds or couches.

Step 2

Locate the studs in the wall with the stud finder. Mark each stud with the pencil.

Step 3

Remove the face plate from the baseboard heater and locate the screw-mounting holes on the back of the heater.

Step 4

Align the screw holes with the wall studs. The baseboard should be mounted with one screw for every foot of heater.

Step 5

Mark the location of the input and output pipes with a pencil.

Step 6

Drill holes at the input and output pipe locations with the 1-inch hole saw.

Step 7

Place the baseboard heater in the location and screw to the wall with 2-inch drywall screws. Screw directly into studs for better strength.

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