How to Clean Franke Granite Sinks

Corey M. Mackenzie

Franke granite sinks are made of stain-resistant non-porous granite and acrylic resin. These sinks are not immune to stains from mineral deposits,however if you clean these sinks daily you can prevent these and other problems (such as soap-scum). In addition, Franke recommends rinsing and drying the granite sinks after each use (see reference). Unlike porcelain enamel sinks, Franke granite is not smooth. The sinks are not difficult to clean, but because of the texture, you will need more than a soft sponge as your cleaning tool.

  1. Turn the sink faucet on and splash a little water around all sides of the sink to wet it down. Apply liquid soap (dish soap or hand soap are fine) to the surface. Do this my applying it directly with your hand or by applying the soap to a wash cloth and then rubbing it over the surface of the sink.

  2. Dampen a nylon scrub brush with clean water. Scrub the entire sink with the nylon brush to remove dirt from the sink's crevices.

  3. Wet a soft sponge in water and scrub over the sink's surfaces to rinse off the soap. You may keep the faucet running as you do this--you may need to rinse the sponge frequently.

  4. Splash water from the faucet once more over the sink. Turn the water off and dry the sink basin with a soft, clean towel.