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How to Clear Hair Spray From Granite

J. Anthony Cooley

Granite counters are strong and decorative, so it's understandable that you would want to keep them that way. Having granite counter tops in your bathroom means you run the risk of covering your counter tops in a film of hairspray. A film of hairspray on your counter does not look or feel good.

When this happens, the overall size of your counter becomes smaller since the hairspray-covered area will cause anything that is set on top of it to get sticky. You need to clean the hairspray form your counter top to reclaim your space.

  1. Apply warm water and dish soap to a cloth rag. Do not use an abrasive scrubbing pad on granite counter tops.

  2. Rub down the counter top to remove the hair spray. If the hair spay doesn’t come off easily, scrub harder until it is removed. Do not try to use a strong chemical cleaner as this can damage the granite finish on your counter tops.

  3. Wet a washcloth and rub down the counters to remove the soap from the surface. Dry the surface with a dry hand towel.