How to Hang Curtains Over Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters are a group of shutters that usually mount on hinges to the inside of the window frame. The shutter can open so that you can access the window. You can tilt the shutter louvers to manage light. These are usually made of wood and are painted white or stained to match window trim. Hanging curtains over windows with plantation shutters can be tricky.

  1. Select a crane curtain rod system that does not overlap in the center. Crane curtain rods are typically mounted to the sides of casement type windows (windows that crank out) so that the curtain will not interfere with the operation of the window. Crane curtain rods will also work with plantation shutters because they open into the room like a casement window does.

  2. Measure and mark 3-inches above and to the side of each window casing.

  3. Place the crane mounting plate against the wall (over your mark) and mark the positions of each screw hole.

  4. Drill holes in the wall at each screw hole location.

  5. Insert wall anchors into the holes and screw the mounting plate into position using a power screw driver.

  6. Select tab-top drapery panels that will reach from the curtain rod to just brushing the floor.

  7. Slide the drapery panels onto the curtain rods.

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